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Is the i.Lab Incubator For YOU?

Here’s What YOU Get!

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  • 5,000 cash grant/non-equity stake
  • Office space: printing, supplies, accommodations
  • Legal services: incorporation, legal agreements, IP
  • Accounting: access to accounting expertise
  • Mentorship: support from experts in the field
  • Networking: Local entrepreneurs, angel investors, VCs

Here’s What YOU Have to Commit!

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  • 12 months to launch company
  • Full-time 10-week summer commitment to preceding accelerator program at the i.Lab in Charlottesville
  • Active participation & commitment to entrepreneurship
  • A hearty appetite for pizza and long hours

Here’s How YOU Apply!

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  • Application due January 15, 2014
  • Acceptance notification February 7, 2014
  • Your commitment due March 1, 2014


Incubator Purpose

The i.Lab Incubator supports the development and growth of promising seed and early-stage business ventures by providing them with funding, faculty and student support, office space, access to technological expertise, and free legal services.

The i.Lab Incubator has three objectives:

  • Educating participants about the process of new-venture development in order to improve their potential for future entrepreneurial success;
  • Fostering the formation and development of stat-up businesses to break even cash flow or significant third-party investment support; and
  • Creating an entrepreneurial community to give participants the experience of learning through mutual support, a process critical for successful entrepreneurship.

While the primary efforts are dedicated to support of University of Virginia students and faculty, the i.Lab Incubator is open to members of the larger Charlottesville community who have similar entrepreneurial business focus.

Incubator Application

The iLab Incubator is now open to the larger Charlottesville and University Community. Given the nature of deadlines and the short turn around time, please be aware that the earlier you submit your application, the more attention it will receive. If you have any specific questions about the process, contact Shivon Scott, All application materials should be emailed to:

Application Deadlines

Applications Due: January 15, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.

Announcement of 2014 Class: February 7, 2014

Incubator Commitment Due: March 1, 2014



Incubator companies 2013-14

"Adaptive differentiation for teachers"
Mindy Moran and Caner Uguz

BB Logo_web.png

"A better and safer solution to the saturated market of 'green' cleaners"
Kelly Love

"Sound as Mobile as You Are"
David Marriott

EDesign LLC
Michael Michon and Adarsh Ramakrishman


"Flipping the corporate classroom through collaborative online and offline learning"
Matt McCauley and James Galante


"Changing the way you order food"
Rory Stolzenberg and D.J. Collier

"Let the crude times roll"

Stefan Bozik, Stacey Cruz, Christianne Molina

"Discover your local music scene"
J.R. Gentle

"America's Most Unique Spirits"
Monte Brown


Wendi Smith

"Bridging the gap between auction houses and tag sales"

Wendi Smith

"A Healthy Lifestyle with an edge"

Nathan West and Sean Wallace

"Helping you get rid of the paperwork, to do the real work"
Ayush Bharti

"Helping Small Businesses Tell Their Story."
Joyce Smaragdis

"Healthy, Meet Delicious"
Veneka Chagwedera

"The Pandora of Healthy Eating and Living"
Kyle Simmons

Open Form Foundation
"Superior advantage through cutting-edgeprocess and technology"
Stuart Templeton and Thomas Hurt

"Advanced Body Imaging Technology to Enable Optimum Athletic Performance"
Erik Brehaus

"Where passion meets profit"
Alex Becker

"Precision Pain-Free Blood Sampling"
Peter Neems, Andrew Andrae, Timothy Higgins and Jessica Ungerleider

"Study Help Whenever You Need It, Wherever You Need It"
Christine Mahoney and Anirban Acharya

Tom Tom Founders Festival
"A Four Day Festival of Music, Art and Innovation in Downtown Charlottesville"
Paul Beyer

"Authentic Wood-Fired Grilling"

Alex Leff

"Only the Best for Your Friend"
Catherine Tarasoff

XMT Solutions
"A Mobile Barbell System for the Tactical Athlete"
Michael Humenansky and Ross Rosenstein
"Experience Life with Locals"
Kenny Schulman

Alex Cowan

Alex is the CTO of Leonid Systems, an enterprise software startup with offices in the Bay Area, Washington, Toronto and various points abroad. Leonid works with communications and SaaS providers on innovative solutions to leverage and growth their franchise. Leonid's products are now deployed to many of the world's largest cloud communications operators which together had over $350 billion in revenue last year. He's also the Author of 'Starting a Tech Business' (Wiley, 2012), a primer for non-engineers who want to up their game with the latest techniques and foundations concepts in product development.

The following links to a Slide Share introduction:

The Startup Sprints program provides a structure for founders to use as as they work through their product/market fit.

It provides a sequence of five sprints (iterations) each with their own deliverables, tutorials, and templates for you to use. The program is available here: ""

The presentation below describes the program. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to just use the resources, this page has an overview:""

If you'd like a copy of the book, 'Starting a Tech Business', contact Kathy Carr.

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