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Bridal Brokerage PUBLIC PROFILE

(704) 962-9022 511 N. First St #9 Charlottesville, VA 22902

Who are we?

We specialize in the buying and selling of cancelled weddings. We provide a solution to those that have lost money in the wedding planning process, and provide a pre-planned wedding available at a discount to an interested bride.

Recent Activity 

August 24

  1. Molly McFarland photo

    Molly McFarland @Bridal Brokerage shared the file One Page Investment Sheet

    3 years ago

June 11

  1. Bridal Brokerage photo

    Lauren Byrne @Bridal Brokerage shared a video: Lauren Byrne Bridal Brokerage

    3 years ago

Venture Information

Management Team & Title(s)

Lauren Byrne, CEO

Faculty Advisor(s) & School

Darden School of Business

Current Status

Student Venture

Darden Incubator Venture


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