An update on recent activities at Frogmen Logistics

Last week at Frogmen Logistics, we...

  • Launched our pilot program for another of our ventures, Yolo Meals!  Check out our i.Lab page, Twitter, and Instagram! @yolomeals
  • Met with an oil purchaser, a certified geologist, and potential members of our board of advisors
  • Researched Commercial Driver's License (CDL) specifications to explore a labor brokerage opportunity
  • Continued to work through our strategy and business model
  • Targeted oil and water transportation in the NE, out west to Ohio and south to VA

Looking ahead, we will...

  • Place more focus on this venture after having completed our Yolo Meals pilot
  • Iterate our cost analysis and financial model
  • Complete detailed research on a labor broker model
  • Set up strategic meetings
  • Finalize our trip itinerary for our visit out west